Fiber Art by Anita Wolfenden

Anita Wolfenden by Michael Schwalbe, a show with photographs of craftsmen at the Crafts Center at NC State and at the DAC in Durham. I grew up in Sweden and graduated from the University of Lund with a major in classical archeology and a minor in European literature. I came over to this country in 1965 and to Chapel Hill in 1970. In the 70s I went back to school and got a degree from the School of Public Health.


Paper is the most wonderful material. For collage I use mostly paper from magazines and you can tear it, wash and iron it, sand it, crease and shape it, sew it as well as paint and draw on it. The handmade dryer lint paper is thicker and slightly uneven and is better for shaping into abstract landscapes or old looking two dimensional garments.

Cut Paper

I became interested in this from looking at electron microscope pictures of bones. Cross sections of bones are both beautiful and interesting, especially really porous bones. I studied some of these images and decided to try to make layers of papers with holes in them that would look like very bad fragile bone. I cut pieces of thick water color paper and mounted inside cigar boxes and liked the effect of light and shadow and I also liked the abstract nature of the white paper. Over time the bone creations have become more plant like or more architectural, both smaller and larger - lately much larger and mounted inside tall clear Lucite columns.

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